Rowing in a “trainera” is very easy. If you do not agree, come and try it. Arrauning is the first company that offers rowing in “traineras” as a leisure activity. We all know the “traineras” in the Basque Country, … but, who has ever rowed? Arrauning offers tours in the Urumea, and now, also in La Concha Bay. With us, you will feel one more of this rowing family. Paddling is easy. Rowing fast and well, that’s a bit more complicated … but paddling, it’s very easy. It does not need any special coordination.

In a single minute, we get the boat to navigate. To perform this activity, a group of 8-11 people is necessary. An Arrauning instructor will be the “trainera´s” patron. No other sport offers the experience and the sensation that comes from rowing. Rowing is the only sport in which, to go forward, you have to look back. And that creates a unique feeling. The clothes to participate in this activity should be comfortable. The boat is impossible to overturn. Believe us, even if you try, you will not get it! It is a safe boat, and the person in charge of steering of Arrauning will always remain on board with you. Arrauning is a unique experience. You will feel something special, and you will feel very special.
All steerers have rowed in “traineras” professionally, you can listen to ancient and modern histories of these boats getting to know why they are such a rooted popular feeling!


Discover the Urumea River in our individual kayaks. They are stable and “almost” impossible to overturn. They are comfortable, suitable for begginners, and perfect to paddle peacefully through our river.
Arrauning will accompany you during the activity, and will show you the hidden places of the Urumea.
And you do not have to go far to enjoy a unique place.
The kayak is a comfortable boat and almost impossible to overturn. A quiet and comfortable boat to navigate the Urumea.
The direction of the route will depend according to the tide. Whether you are going upstream or going downstream, you will get to know San Sebastián from a different perspective.
The activity lasts about 90 minutes. We start and end at our headquarters.
The capacity of each one will decide how far we can go in our journey.
The clothes must be comfortable. Keep in mind that, with the splashes caused by the oar, you can get wet. Therefore, we recommend bringing spare clothes.
We have changing rooms to change clothes. To carry out the activity, it is mandatory to go with the life jacket that Arrauning offers.


Family trips, with your partner, or in groups … a quiet way to enjoy the river .
The canoe is a comfortable boat.
Arrauning will take care the group at all times.
It will give you instructions to navigate correctly, and it will tell you stories and hidden corners of the Urumea and the Bay.
Characteristics of the Canoe: Each crew member carries an oar, and sits on a comfortable seat.
At most, three people can go in the canoe (as a special case, two adults and two children who do not add more than 60 kgs).
They are canoes “almost” impossible to overturn.
The only way to tip the canoe is that the crew intend to overturn it.

Our instructor will help you to navigate, if necessary.
The clothes to perform this activity should be comfortable.
Clothing that does not hinder or disturb the execution of the rowing movement.
All crew members must wear the life jacket provided for this purpose by Arrauning.
To carry out the activity, you must sign up for the days proposed by Arrauning; If you wish to carry out the activity another day or time, get in touch with us. To carry out the activity when the client wants, it will be mandatory to gather a minimum of 4 people.
Arrauning has changing rooms for users.

Gondolin Urumea copia 2

Paddle surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, stand-up paddle surfing, or its initials SUP, is a form of gliding in which the person uses an oar to move through the water while standing in a big surf board. This discipline has its origin in the roots of the Polynesian peoples. In Hawaiian language it is called Hoe He’e NALU; Stand up, paddle, glide a wave.
The most recent history dates back to the 1960s, when surf instructors on Waikiki Beach used their huge longboards and rudimentary canoe paddles to take pictures of their students. It also allowed them to have a better visibility of their group and to give notice of the arrival of the waves in an easy way.
In the early 2000s, Hawaiian surfers like Dave Kalama, Brian Keaulana, Archie Kalepa and Laird Hamilton began paddling as an alternate form of training. This new variant of surfing allowed them to train and go to the water without waves or wind, and at the same time run the most gigantic waves in the world.
Over the years they found themselves participating in events such as the Molokai Paddle board Race Oahu and Buffalo´s Big Board Surfing Classic.
One difference between the modern idea of ​​surfing and SUP is that the latter does not need a wave. In this new sport you can row in the open sea, in ports, in lakes, rivers or any large body of water.

ona descenso

Urumea river descent:
Descent the Urumea river in Kayak, Sup or Canadian Canoe. We start at Martutene and end at our headquarters (Depending on the tide, instead of descent it could begoing up river.) An incredible adventure of about 90min to 2 hours, and approximatedly 6km
Get to know the Urumea, visit San Sebastian upriver neighbourhoods and nature … know the history and the anecdotes … the cider highway, a 16th century hamlet, turtles, what happened to Queen Maria Cristina, the Uba forest … and much more.
So close and also so far.
The Arrauning staff take cares and guides you at all times.
To carry out the activity, you must sign up for the days proposed by Arrauning; If you wish to carry out the activity another day or time, get in touch with us.



Celebrate your bachelor party with us. A special day, which we will turn into a unique day.
In the Trainera, in Canoes, in Sup´s or Kayaks, get closer to giving a different touch to a unique party.
From 4 people to 40 people, we will organize an activity without equal.
The person who is going to get married will be able to become a boss, dress as a professional rower or whatever you want to.
We will organize an unforgettable party paddling by the river.
What you live with us this day you will comment it all your life.
The photos that we will take you in the boats, will be sent to you quickly, once the activity is finished.


Team Building
“Team Building” for companies “We have to row together to take the company forward” and blah blah blah.
In Arrauning, we explain what the oar really hides in the team work aspect. We work and teach teamwork. Maybe, when you try rowing, you really understand that it’s rowing together.

To carry out any activity with us, call us at 0034 671 335 107 or write to info@arrauning.com
In the following link, you will find different dates to carry out the activities. In case you want to do it on any other day, just ask us!

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